Hello, my name is Priya Pappu.

I am currently pursuing a dual degree (MBA / MA) in Design Thinking from Johns Hopkins University and the Maryland Institute College of Art.

Welcome to my blog, where I will be detailing my experience in a graduate-level class called Unravel the Code,which I am taking as part of my Masters in Design Thinking. Unravel the Code is a multidisciplinary and multi-institution exploration of contemporary digital fabrication processes rooted in the study of craft practices. This course is a unique recurring collaboration with graduate and undergraduate students from MICA and Willem de Kooning Academie (WdKA) in Rotterdam, The Netherlands.  Students will work collaboratively to research issues in digital craft, the social effects of electronic mediation, and the aesthetic impact of computer-based design.

This site will serve as a journal where I will be outlining my “creative process”, documenting my research and sharing insights; I will be posting notes, images, links and files all related to my creative process. I will also be submitting my  responses to various readings assigned in class as well as sharing other resources that might aid my peers in their research.

Contact: ppappu@mica.edu